The Rembrandt Project and Content Area Standards

RembrandtWe have designed the case studies and the lessons contained in them with an eye on national standards. It is our intent to align these standards with the instructional activities found on the web site. We have decided to use standards from the National Council of Social Studies and the National Art Education Association since many school districts also use these standards as well.

Fortunately for us, there is a preexisting framework built into Rembrandt’s oeuvre to permit us to use these standards coherently. His works are generally subdivided into Portraits, Histories, and Landscapes. We have structured the web site around these same categories while also focusing on works accomplished using a variety of media, namely: oil painting, etching, and drawing.

In an extensive review of Rembrandts located in American collections, which is the focus of this site, we found that many of the subjects reference these five themes:

All strands found in the National Council of Social Studies (NCSS) Standards. Our art standards are based on National Visual Arts Standards published by the National Art Education Association (NAEA) and focus on the goals of understanding and applying media, techniques and processes, using knowledge of structures and functions, choosing and evaluating a range of symbols, and understanding the visual arts in relation to history, among others.

In all of the lessons, these standards form a framework around which the activities are designed. It should be noted that both the NCSS and NAEA are in the process of reworking their standards for those who wish to upgrade the references.

Here are the links to both NCSS and NAEA Standards:

National Council of the Social Studies or Task Force Link to Draft of New Standards

National Art Education Association

View your state's standards