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The Summer 2008 issue is devoted to our project. Find out about the issue and participate in an online conversation about the articles with us.

Table of Contents for JAE “Rembrandt Project” Issue

Rembrandt and Collections of His Art in America: An NEH Curriculum Project
Joseph M. Piro
pp. 1-18

Art in Social Studies: Exploring the World and Ourselves with Rembrandt
Iftikhar Ahmad
pp. 19-37

Creating a Learning Space That Is Virtual and Experiential
Bette E. Schneiderman
pp. 38-50

Layers of Seeing and Seeing through Layers: The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Imagery
Louisa Wood Ruby
pp. 51-56

The Changing Face of Rembrandt: Pedagogy, Politics, and Cultural Values in American Art Education
Donna M. Tuman
pp. 57-67

Rembrandt’s Art: A Paradigm for Critical Thinking and Aesthetics
Mark S. Conn
pp. 68-82

Looking to Learn: Museum Educators and Aesthetic Education
Nancy Blume
Jean Henning
Amy Herman
Nancy Richner
pp. 83-100

Rembrandt and Learning
Ralph A. Smith
pp. 101-114

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