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The site is organized into three key areas that include Rembrandt: Art, Life and Times, Teaching and Learning and Our Project. The user may go to any of these sections at any time.

Rembrandt: Art, Life and Times includes 20 works by Rembrandt in collections in the United States that are highlighted in our project with ways to look at them, explore them, read about them, and find activities related to them. Beginning with our project launch in Spring 2009, we are now adding works contributed from museums around the world with Rembrandts in their collections in “Other Rembrandt Works.”* Also found Art, Life and Times is a timeline, a map of Rembrandts in America, a chart with details about the works we highlight, primary historical documents, and a bibliography.

The Teaching and Learning includes direct links to lessons, a philosophical organization of the lessons with what we call our circle of inquiry, standards, and activities that can be done in concert with the lessons or independently.

Our Project contains our project overview and foundation, links to the project’s philosophical framework including reference to an edition of the Journal of Aesthetic Education from summer 2008 devoted completely to our project, acknowledgements, a site map, and an input and contact area.

*If you represent a museum and have a Rembrandt you wish to include, please contact