Dutch Archive Documents

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Rembrandt van Rijn Documents Rembrandt appears to be healthy
Rembrandt purchases a house
Inventory of Rembrandt’s estate
Rembrandt’s burial
Titus van Rijn Titus baptized
Titus names Rembrandt as his heir
Titus gets the house
Titus’ Third Will
Titus marries
Burial of Titus
Saskia van Uylenburgh Rembrandt and Saskia marry
Saskia has her will drawn up
Hendrickje Stoeffels Hendrickje testifies
Hendrickje appears before the church council
Death of Hendrickje
Geertje Dircx Contract with Geertje
Judgment passed in the case of Geertje Dircx vs. Rembrandt
Titia van Rijn Titia baptized
Cornelia van Rijn A guardian for Cornelia
Rombertus van Rijn Rombertus baptized
Rombertus buried
Hendrick van Uylenburgh Hendrick borrows money
Jan Six A contract with Jan Six
Peter Paul Rubens Rembrandt buys a Rubens
Diego d’Andrada D’Andrada lodges a complaint against Rembrandt
Jan Pieterszoon A place in “The Nightwatch”
Dirck Aertszoon Dirck Aertsz.’s Collection of Rembrandt's works
Christoffel Thijs Thijs presents a statement of Rembrandt’s outstanding debts
Dirck van Cattenburch van Cattenburch’s claim against Rembrandt