Rembrandt Project Partners

RembrandtMetropolitan Museum of Art:
A comprehensive collection of the Met's works including some of Rembrandt's most well-known paintings including Aristotle with the Bust of Homer, Self-Portrait and Woman with a Pink.

The Frick Collection:
The website of the Frick including their Rembrandt works Nicolaes Ruts, The Polish Rider and 1658 Self-Portrait as well as other art resources.

Nassau County Museum of Art:
The website includes resources on 19th, 20th, and 21st century art as well as examples of sculpture and landscape art.

The Asia Society:
The Website highlights a collection of Asian art. Rembrandt was particularly influenced by South Asian styles especially from India.

Museum Learning Resources (Visual Art Education)

Whitney Museum of American Art - an art learning resource

Guggenheim Museum - an art learning resource

National Gallery of Art - In-Depth Study of “Abraham Entertaining the Angels"

National Gallery of Art - An Interactive Dutch Dollhouse

Inside Scoop”- National Gallery of Art Publication for Kids on Rembrandt

National Gallery of Art - Painting in the Dutch Golden Age- A Teaching Packet

National Gallery of Art - Rembrandt’s “Titus” - An Audiocast

Museum Websites

RembrandtWebMuseum: Rembrandt - Good introduction to the famous Dutch painter divided into periods of his life and illustrated with his works.

Web Museum, Paris - Another comprehensive site of famous paintings spanning several centuries also including a glossary of painting styles.

Musee Online - A comprehensive site providing links to an excellent selection of museums around the world.

WWW Virtual Library: Museums - This listing of virtual libraries is a comprehensive collection of museum related links. The search engine can be used to find museums by specific countries of exhibits.

Rembrandt at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Rembrandt House – The site in Amsterdam where Rembrandt lived during much of his lifetime. This museum has recently undergone extensive rebuilding. You can take a virtual tour of Rembrandt's house, which has been refurbished and turned into a Museum.

Louvre Museum – An overview of some of the holdings of the Louvre.

Rembrandt's Women - The National Gallery of Scotland exhibits Rembrandt's portrayals of women.

National Gallery of Art (London)

The British Museum (London)

The Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia)

The Mauritshuis (The Hague)

National Museum (Stockholm)

The Prado (Madrid)

Websites on the Art, Life, and Times of Rembrandt

RembrandtRembrandt Paintings - a comprehensive site containing information on Rembrandt’s
life, paintings, drawings, etchings and self-portraits

An overview of Rembrandt’s paintings as various scholars have authenticated them

Online Resources for the Study of Dutch Art History

Significant Collections of Dutch 17th century Art

CODART - an international council for curators of Dutch and Flemish art. Its aim is to further cooperation in the study and display of art from the Low Countries

Artcyclopedia: Rembrandt van Rijn - Guide to over 50 art museum sites and image archives where the works of Rembrandt can be viewed online

Stanford University - This site provides links to many museums, galleries and archives

Rembrandt Online - information on Rembrandt his life and art

A Web Catalogue of Rembrandt Paintings

Rembrandt at Virtual History - list of resources, exhibitions etc. on Rembrandt

Art Gallery of Rembrandt's Paintings - A collection of some of Rembrandt's most famous prints and paintings

Rembrandt Myself - A look at Rembrandt's self portraits. The works in this exhibit were chosen to show the development of Rembrandt's style from his early days in Leiden to his last days in Amsterdam

Olga's Gallery of Rembrandt - Comprehensive collection with almost 200 images of Rembrandt's works along with some historical notes and a biography. It also contains links to works by other artists that relate to Rembrandt’s oeuvre.

CFGA: Rembrandt - Image archive with over 30 of his paintings or prints, as well as a short biography

Rembrandt at The Worldwide Art Gallery - A biography with a short chronology of important dates, as well as a selection of his works

Treasures of the Czar - The treasures of the Romanovs with insights not only into their art but their lives

WebMuseum: Rembrandt - An interesting site allowing many of Rembrandt's major works to be viewed. Formerly at the Metalab site currently hosted by ibiblio.

Rembrandt and the Bible

Multiple resources on Rembrandt in a variety of languages

Rembrandt’s 400th birth anniversary in 2006

Dutch archive site with translations and transcriptions of documents related to Rembrandt's life.

An audio walk with Rembrandt

General Books and Exhibitions on Rembrandt

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Rembrandt’s Bankruptcy

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Books for Young People on Rembrandt

RembrandtThe following are book titles recommended for student reading and independent investigations.

Abeles, E. The magic painter;: The story of Rembrandt, (A child's book of great artists). Stravon Publishers, 1951.

Blaisdell, M. Rembrandt and the Boy Who Drew Dogs: A story about Rembrandt van Rijn. Barrons Educational Series, 2008

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DVD/ CD-ROMs on Rembrandt

RembrandtThis section includes titles related both to Rembrandt, art history, and history in general.

Kultur Video
Dutch Masters: Rembrandt (DVD)
Rembrandt Collection
History of Western Art

Capital Interactive: Foreign Media Group. Rembrandt 400 Years.

Ambrose Video. The History of Western Art. (3 DVD Set).

BBC Warner. Simon Schama - The Power of Art. (3 DVD Set).

BBC Warner. How Art Made the World (2 DVD Set).

From PBS
Discovery of Art (6 DVD set)
The Private Life of a Masterpiece (7 DVD Set)
The Hermitage Museum (3 DVD Set)
The Great Artists (5 DVD Set).

The Collection of National Gallery of London: A compilation of the major holdings from London's National Gallery. Works can be viewed according to artists, subject, or theme and are accompanied by informative texts.

Paul Cézanne: Portrait of My World: An interactive journey through the artistic world and culture of the artist.

The Barnes Collection- A Passion for Art: Renoir, Matisse & Dr. Barnes. An overview of the Barnes collection with an emphasis on the Impressionists. Interactive documentaries along with some effective close-ups gives a real feeling of an actual museum visit. Corbis Publications

The Frick Collection: Great Paintings Renaissance to Impressionism. The Frick Collection. Contains three paintings by Rembrandt including the well-known and discussed Polish Rider. Its other holdings include paintings by Holbein, Vermeer and Franz Hals. New Media Solutions

The Brooklyn Museum: Ancient Egyptian Art- Treasures of Antiquity. A comprehensive look at the art of ancient Egypt in the highly regarded Brooklyn Museum. New Media Solutions,

Masterworks of Japanese Paintings: The Etsuko and Joe Price Collection. This CD introduces viewers to an interesting private collection on non-Western art during the Edo Period (1615- 1868). Over 1100 full color images and commentary are included. New Media Solutions.

With Open Eyes: The Art Institute of Chicago's collection is the subject of this CD-ROM. The viewer can select from an automated slide show or choose a geographic area or specific time period. For young viewers, there are games such as jigsaw puzzles and connect-the-dots.

The Age of Van Eyck. Highlights of the Flemish artist's masterpieces, Reunion des Musées Nationaux 1995.

The Age of Vermeer. Another Dutch master (from Delft), contemporary of Rembrandt, and subject of 1996 "blockbuster exhibit" at the National Gallery in Washington and The Mauritshuis inThe Hague, Netherlands. Reunion des Musées Nationaux, 1995.

The Age of Bruegel. A journey through the interesting work of this famous Flemish master.
Reunion des Musées Nationaux 1995

The Hermitage, A tour of this world famous St. Petersburg museum including a look at some Rembrandts. Intersoft Inc. Distributed in the US by Cascade Marketing International
Van Gogh- Starry Night. An insightful look at the world of Van Gogh including his correspondence and paintings. The Voyager Co., New York


All of the following video titles are available at the Metropolitan Museum of Art as noted by the accompanying catalogue numbers for each entry.
Masterpieces of the Met
Hosted by Philippe de Montebello, Director of the Metropolitan Museum, this video highlights
30 masterpieces from the Met including works by Rembrandt.
55 minutes 13-0238-9

The National Gallery of Art
A two-part program exploring the treasures of The National Gallery in Washington, D.C.
including their Rembrandts.
50 minutes 13-02286-8

Viewers are introduced to this famous Italian artist whose art influenced that of Rembrandt and his teachers.
28 minutes 13-02563-0

Rembrandt: Painter of Man and The Restoration of "The Night Watch'
A two part video that discusses several famous paintings of Rembrandt as well as the process of restoration performed on 'The Night Watch" in the Rijksmuseum which was seriously vandalized in 1975.
55 minutes

Rembrandt & Velazquez: Two Faces of the 17th Century
An exploration of two works by Velazquez and Rembrandt concentrating on the 1650
Velazquez work Portrait of Juan de Pareja and Rembrandt's 1660 Self-Portrait.
28 minutes 13-02214-0

INDEPENDENT VIDEOS (Available through various vendors)

Elementary Art Appreciation Videos- Understanding Painting
An introduction through a five part series, to assist students, primarily in grades 5-8 in how to look at great works of art.
20 minutes VHS Approaching a Painting
20 minutes VHS Composition and Realism
20 minutes VHS Landscape, Seascape
20 minutes VHS People
20 minutes VHS Abstraction, Light and Color

How to Visit an Art Museum
A how to prepare children to get the most out of a museum visit.
30 minutes