Enter a Virtual Space of Second Life

Rembrandt's House in AmsterdamWe will be meeting often in a virtual replica of the Rembrandthuis that we have created in the virtual reality world called Second Life. Create an avatar, if you wish, and join us in Second Life.

Calendar with events related to Rembrandt and Collections of his Art in America. If you would like to host an event, please contact bes@liu.edu with Rembrandt in the subject line.

For the moment, this space is part of the main grid in Second Life, open only to people 18 years old or over. The project will create such space for youth, too, in the coming year. Not yet, though. We will have more information on teen space here soon.

Second LifeInstructions for getting into Second Life and joining us:

When you are ready, find the ‘Enter Your Second Life’ sign and click it:

Let us know if you are participating in any part of this activity! Contact bes@liu.edu with “Rembrandt-Second Life” in the subject line.