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Self Portraits

Portraits and people

Rembrandt created many self-portraits and many portraits of people. Here are some ideas for activities related to portraits and people.

Firstly, look at each of the 20 works on our site. Pick the ones that are mostly about people. Take note of which are self-portraits of Rembrandt and which are portraits of others. Look hard. Think about the people portrayed. What do you know about them from the way they are presented? Can you imagine how they might think and behave? Why? What might you ask them or want to discuss with them, if you could speak with them? Now, create a portrait yourself. Make it a self-portrait, telling about how you see yourself – your outside self as others see you, or perhaps, your inside self, how you feel. Or, make a portrait of someone you know. Study your subject carefully and plan for something that gets inside to the essence of the person.

If you can share your work in electronic form, please send it to us to be considered for display in our “gallery.”

You may wish to create your portrait before reading “About this” work of art. You may want your imagination free to just look and dream. Be sure to read “About this” work of art at some point, too, to learn about Rembrandt, art, life, times, and place.

Submission guidelines:

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