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The Mill by RembrandtThe Three Trees

Standing before the actual work at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Or, perhaps, standing in front of a Rembrandt “Three Trees” in another collection*:

Lines. Take a look at the lines in this etching with drypoint and engraving. How might you describe the various lines? Do some of the lines create a mood? If so, what kind of mood? Is this a quiet scene or is it lively? Why? How are black, white, and the gray tones used?

What do you suppose this scene is about?

If you would like to submit an entry to our gallery online, please write about any of these topics – the lines, the mood, the activity, the tones, the subject. Or, tell a story using this scene as your backdrop. Tell what might have happened before the scene or what might happen afterwards. Or… create a line drawing or etching to submit that conjures up a mood and that tells and story.

Send your submission(s) to Put the following in the subject line: “Rembrandt-Three Trees.”

*Each work from the same plate is unique. If you view a Rembrandt etching of the three trees elsewhere, keep in mind that your experience may be different. That difference is welcome. This section is for people who see the actual works, not the web versions.