In His Space

The Mill by RembrandtArtist in His Studio

What an interesting angle is set up for us as we look past the formidable back of this easel to the artist in the corner of the room, almost dwarfed. How would you describe the artist and the room he is within? What do you suppose the artist sees? What might he be thinking? And, why? As you are before the actual work at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, you can see nuance of colors, brushstrokes, expressions that may not be as visible in the digitized copy on the web. Look into the artist's mind and imagine his possible thoughts?

Write about them, if you wish. Send your writing to us for consideration to be hung in our Rembrandt contributions gallery on this website.

And… what do you suppose is on that easel. Use your imagination as either Rembrandt or yourself and create something you imagine on the easel. Send your submission, if you wish, to us.

Submissions may be sent to with the words “Rembrandt – Artist in his Studio – submission” in the subject line. We hope you will participate.