Consider This Work of Art

Folktales, myths, stories of all kinds

Amsterdam mapRembrandt’s art is filled with stories. Here are some ideas related to stories that you might enjoy.

Firstly, look at each of the 20 works on our site. Pick the ones that seem to have stories within them. Look hard. Imagine stories for each. Your story might be the story being portrayed. Or, it might be something different, something building from your imagination and also fitting with what you see.

Write, draw, or tell your story in some way. If you can share it in electronic form (e.g,. a text file, a presentation with images, audio, and/or text, a blog, or other way), send it to us to be considered for display in our “gallery.”

You may wish to create your story before reading “About this” work of art. You may want your imagination free to just look and dream. Be sure to read “About this” work of art at some point, too, to learn about Rembrandt, art, life, times, and place.

Submission guidelines:


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