This area points directly to some activities for youth and adults who wish to look/experience and participate/create in our Rembrandt project. We hope you will join us in these activities, either directly here or coordinated through the teaching and learning lessons. Calendar with events related to Rembrandt and Collections of his Art in America. If you would like to host an event, please contact with Rembrandt in the subject line.

Act It Out
Consider these works
In His Space
Our Gallery
Writings, drawings, paintings, constructions, videos, and other submissions will be archived in a database for all to draw upon. Several will be highlighted on a rotating basis.
View slideshows and use these as triggers for learning. Create your own slideshow and submit it to our gallery for viewing by all.
Visit a museum or gallery with a Rembrandt and share your experiences here.
Not everyone can make it to every museum to stand in the space of the actual works. If you can get to the museum, that will be preferable. If you cannot, please still participate here.
Join us as an avatar in Second Life in a space created to model Rembrandt’s House in Amsterdam.
Postings in our blogs will be filled with thoughts and images related to Rembrandt's works. Each posting will welcome responses from you and contributions to creations you may have made. Creation may be hung in our Rembrandt Gallery.